Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSL Grid Merge

Today there was a meeting with Terrence Linden regarding the merge.
Here are the basic details:
16-17 year olds have access to the marketplace, save items that are marked as mature.
The land that is marked as "TG" is open for adults to visit.
All transfer are automatic
All land will go over.
If you are 13-15, Terrence advises you to cash out your linden because you will not be able to continue paying for land
There is no distinguishing between Teens and Adults.
Accounts will be updated as teens grow older.
All inventory is coming over.
Teen users will NOT be allowed outside of G rated sims.
That is a summary of everything in the meeting. More information coming soon. Meanwhile, updates on my Fashion blog will be up tonight or tomorow.
NOTE: This article was done in collaboration with Artemis Kangjon's